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Who is Stuart Hughes?
I'm a guy that lives in a small town in Southwest Missouri with my beautiful wife Tamara, 2 super-fantastic kids Barrett & Sydney and our crazy but loveable German Shepherd Jacko. Read more about me and my background info.

What do I do?
Well, I do a lot of different things, but mostly I am a graphic designer. Since graphic design is a pretty broad field and includes many different areas, including; Web Design, Print Design, Signage, Exhibit Graphics, Promotional Items, Packaging, etc. I would narrow it down and say that my main focus (or at least the starting point for most of my new clients) is Logo Design. You can also hire me for Pencil Portraits drawn from your photos. A custom work of art that makes a personalized and very unique gift.

Why should you hire me?
Ah, this is the big question. The answer though is actually pretty simple. If you are looking for some seriously good design work to improve your company image (whether it's a new or redesigned logo, improving your website, a magazine ad, a business sign, exhibit graphics, etc.) at rates you can afford then I am your guy. Honestly, you don't have to pay agency prices or buy into all the "big design studio" elitism in order to get great graphic design for your project.

Take a look around, and get in touch if you feel like we might work well together.

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